The 7th International Festival of Environmental Short Films, ECOFILM FESTIVAL, invites the audio-visual producers of the world to participate in the competition presenting audio-visual works with a focus on sustainable development and nature conservation.

     The aim of the festival is to promote environmental-themed cinematography that contributes to promote the sustainable use of natural resources as a source of development and well-being of the population.

     "Sustainable Eating" is the theme of the 2017 call, which addresses how large volumes of food in a consumable state never reach our tables.

    Through this, the theme seeks to generate awareness amongst society about the importance of food rescue and its relevance for the environment, as well as to promote ethical and responsible consumption through proposals for innovation in sustainable habits.

     The participating short films can be registered until July 5, 2017, in 4 categories: animation, fiction, documentary and audio-visual campaign.

     The jury, comprised of 6 renowned personalities from the film, advertising, communication and environmental industries, will be responsible to choose the works for the official 2017 festival.

     The awards event will take place in Mexico City on a date soon to be confirmed on the official websites of the festival very soon.

     The winners will be awarded with cash prizes for up to one million pesos, scholarships in animation studios at Vancouver Film School, among others.

     For further information on the program, as well as the details of the process of inscription, specifications, bases and prizes; please visit the following link: